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About Us

Veterans Resellers is a Multi-vendor, Online Marketplace where you can auction and sell your products. We specialize in items obtained from Estate Sales, Liquidations and Buyouts.

Veterans Resellers is Veteran Owned and operated, and partnered with the ABC Black Foundation. We absolutely welcome any vendor or customer, but we also wanted to provide a space for Veterans to showcase their business, sell their products and interact with each other.

Veterans Resellers, Owned by Jocelyn Bellamy, specializes in Online Auctions. We are also involved in the community, offering group fundraising events for your school, church or non-profit organization.

My letter of appreciation:

As the Owner of Veterans Resellers, I would like to express to you my passion and dedication in offering this opportunity. I served in the Marine Corp and was discharged 28 years ago. My training while serving as a Marine developed my organizational skills and risk tolerance. I am results oriented and value team work. I am comfortable seeking knowledge from people with more experience regardless of their position. It took 15 years to see the value of my military training, because some of that training was very difficult.

The lessons I learned in the military transitioned well into the corporate environment where I worked for five years in various managerial positions. However, the stress of corporate life triggered P.T.S.D. and I am now classified as a Disabled Veteran. I thought about entrepreneurship. I saw it as a way to support myself while managing the challenges of my disability. I started reselling items online, but within the last year I found it difficult to make a living with all the fees, rules and regulations. I started looking for alternative methods to make a living, but nothing came close to what I was looking for, so I decided to start my own online marketplace.

When thinking about my target merchants, I thought about other Veterans and how they could benefit from an opportunity to operate a small business. A business with low fees, no small print, and no additional listing fees. I knew there were others like me who just needed a chance. Veterans are 28.1 Million Strong but largely under represented as an online Audience.

This Website is about offering Veterans a chance to build a future, make a living, and take care of themselves and their families. Use Veterans Resellers with PRIDE, because it was made with PRIDE in who we are and what we Stand for. Let’s stay Strong and remember you are not ALONE. You have 28.1M Brothers and Sisters that served and we are UNITED.